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We Design classic, contemporary, modern, and traditional Headboards With The Best Headboards Upholstery design!
Bed Headboards Upholstery Abu Dhabi
Bed Headboards Upholstery Abu Dhabi, UAE
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Upgrade Your Bed With Our Bed Headboards Upholstery Abu Dhabi

If we talk about bed headboards, the first thing that comes into your mind is elegance. Giving a royal look to your bed headboards maintains the sophisticated look of your bed.

We design classic and creative headboards with the best quality bed headboard upholstery. Whether you are looking for function or fashion, we offer a fantastic collection of well-designed headboards.

Our Experts offer the following headboard upholstery service.

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Bed Headboards Abu Dhabi
Bed Headboards Abu Dhabi
Bed Headboards Abu Dhabi
Bed Headboards Abu Dhabi
Bed Headboards Abu Dhabi
Bed Headboards Abu Dhabi
Bed Headboards Abu Dhabi

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Improved Comfort

Leather Upholstered Bed

We can transform your bed with real or faux leather upholstery material for enhanced comfort.

Better Productivity

Upholstery Bed Frames

You can pick the metal framing or headboard material to serve you for the longest spans.


Custom Upholstered

For fabrics, you have the flexibility to choose from cotton, velvet, linens, and polyester.

Presentable Decor

Upholstery Bed Frames

You can pick the metal framing or headboard material to serve you for the longest spans.

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Made-to-Measure Bed Headboards Upholstery Abu Dhabi

Enhance the aesthetic design of your room with a brand new upholstered bed upholstery that includes a headboard, cushions, etc. We provide the best quality services to reupholster headboards in Abu Dhabi in contemporary, buttoned, and tufted upholstered headboard designs.

We offer services to design custom headboards for beds using premium quality bed headboard upholstery. You can contact us for any kind of design, shape, style, or size for your custom-made bed headboards Dubai. All of our upholstered headbeds are best wall mounted, stylish, durable & solid to offer your beds a sturdy and elegant look.

We provide durable fabrics of exclusive designs and materials for the fascinating bed headboard upholstery. Whether it’s a soft velvet fabric or tufted leather, our upholstery designs are one of a kind.

You can get custom-sized upholstery according to the layout and dimensions of your bed. Additionally, the headboard design, shape, color, patterns, textures, buttons, and tufting can be customized.

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At carpentry Abu Dhabi. ae, we have a team of experts, who are wonderful at designing & creating quality headboards using the best quality bed headboards upholstery Abu Dhabi. We deliver custom headboards across all states of the UAE at incredibly low rates. If you want to design your bespoke headboard, then simply select the size that matches your bed and get in touch with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The timeframe to upholster a bed can vary depending on the bed size, style, and intricate detailing. The minimum to maximum time frame to upholster a bed is about 1-3 weeks. You can request a quotation to know the estimated lead time for an upholstered bed.

It is effortless and super easy to keep your upholstered bed clean. To keep them looking refreshed, you have to dust off the dirt using an upholstery attachment. Besides routine cleaning, you can thoroughly clean them using a soapy solution and a microfiber cloth.

Upholstered beds give your furniture a renewed look and greatly contribute to comfort improvement. For the upholstery of the bed, there’s an extended range of fabric materials available that can transform the entire look of your space.

An upholstered bed is made of different types of framing and supporting materials including metal, aluminum, and wood. Besides that, the footboard, headboards, and tuftings are also replaced with the new ones. Additionally, foam materials and cushions are also part of a perfectly upholstered bed.

To upholster a bed, there’s an extensive fabric range available for fabric materials. These fabrics include cotton, linen, wool, acetate, hemp, silk, poly propylene, acrylic, leather, polyester, rayon, and nylon.