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We Supply The Best Quality Window Curtains Abu Dhabi

Our curtains work wonders for every area and need and will transform your places by enhancing comfort and aesthetics. They are available in wide material, design, and size choices to be a seamless fit for all windows and room decor.

Over and above, we also offer curtain installation and fixing services to make decor improvements convenient and pocket-friendly for you.

Premium Build Quality

Trendsetting Design Choices

Heavy-duty Fabric Options

100% Eco-friendly Treatments

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Benefits Of Using Our Window Curtains Abu Dhabi

Our high-quality curtains make a timeless window treatment that doesn’t need to be updated repeatedly, whether you’ve got modern interior decor or a traditional one. Moreover, they offer excellent insulation which leads to the reduction of energy bills.

With our curtains, you can effectively retain internal warmth or coolness and won’t need HVAC over time

Stain and wrinkle-resistant

Easy to wash/clean

Great at noise-dampening




We also offer curtain customization services which are particularly helpful in treating all non-uniform/odd-shaped windows and catering to unique decor requirements. You can have the fabrication, size, thickness, backing, design, color, finish, and accessorizing of these curtains personalized.

As per fabrics, we provide versatile options including Silk, Velvet, Microfiber, Cotton, Linen, Voile, Acrylic, Bamboo, Damask, Rayon, Muslin, Polyester, and others. You can get these curtains in both solid curtains and printed/patterned versions and can also shop for various beautiful accessories at our store.

Curtain Abu Dhabi
Get Fast Curtain Installation & Fixing in Abu Dhabi

Our servicing will save you both time and money and you can enjoy every dream decor of yours with minimal expenses. We serve in all parts of Abu Dhabi and Dubai and you can book our services online.

You can hire us to treat and enhance windows, skylights, sliding doors, patio doors, french doors, and outdoor structures at residential and commercial levels.

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Free Measurements
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Book Our Curtain Installation Services Today, here’s how we’ll do it

Measurements & Preparations 

We measure your windows/sliding doors/skylights, treat all their damages, and clean them thoroughly.


Curtain Delivery

We deliver your desired curtains or bring them to your place upon your request real quick.

Installation And Fixing

We install the curtains rapidly, make necessary adjustments, and ensure their smooth working through meticulous testing.

Accessorizing & Enhancements

We accentuate your curtains with dedicated motorization or automation treatments or accessories like tiebacks, etc.

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Carpenter Abu Dhabi is a top-notch provider of decor improvement services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

With us, you can upgrade your home or office decor in unique and cost-effective ways. In addition to premium-quality curtains, you can also get Blinds Abu Dhabi from us online. Our curtains and blinds will make your places inviting, comfortable and energy-efficient.

Valuable Decor Settings

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Best Quality Curtain Abu Dhabi
Curtain Abu Dhabi

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally, your curtains should be installed around 6 inches above the window frame. Besides, the rod or pole should extend the window from both sides. This will give an elongated look to the window and eventually make the room look spacious, plus also offer more comfort and privacy.

A few great recommendations in this regard are silk, velvet, cotton, and linen. In addition, several synthetic fabrics are also very high-performance and useful such as microfiber, nylon, rayon, polyester, and acrylic. Try investing in darker and lined curtain panels for the best results.

Dry cleaning is an excellent and also entirely effortless way to deep clean curtains, without taking them off. This process makes them clear of all dust and bacteria, without causing any harm to the fabric or finish. However, make sure your curtains are compatible with dry cleaning.

Yes, we offer custom made curtains for both residential and commercial use. From fabrication to designing, you can have each aspect of these curtains customized to your liking. They will be an exceptionally perfect fit for your windows, offer great comfort and will outlast all regular drapes.

These curtains are made with thick fabrics and have a high thread count, in addition to a dedicated blackout lining. This intricate weaving stops the transfer of light and also insulates the room well. Moreover, blackout curtains are great at reducing noise for extra comfort.

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