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At Carpenter Abu Dhabi, we offer top-quality carpets for your residential and commercial floors at 40% OFF. Get our custom-made floor coverings to ensure tailored aesthetics and multi-functionality.


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We Provide The Finest Carpets For Every Setting

At our store, you’ll get to explore the most versatile and hard-wearing carpet for all interiors and exteriors. We design these soft floorings with high-quality natural and synthetic materials and they will be the best alternatives to expensive, luxurious hard floorings.

In addition, you can also get affordable carpet installation, customization, fixing, and repair services from our carpets store and improve your home decor like never before!

High-end Weaving

Colorfast Dyes

Non-toxic Designs

Versatile Sizes

Flower Wall Panel
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Modern living room plush carpet

Cost-effective Solutions 

Benefits You Can Enjoy With Our Carpets 

Our carpets store offer optimal comfort underfoot and make interiors cozy, plus naturally warm. They will make your floors as well as staircases completely safe to walk over and will also improve the energy efficiency of your interiors. Another notable advantage of using these carpets is that they reduce noises and echoes in a space, adding to serenity.

These carpets are stain and impact-resistant, thus very easy to clean.

They improve the quality of air indoors and effectively reduce allergens.

They make it easy to protect floorings from stains and impact damage.




To address all your unique flooring and aesthetic needs, we also offer custom-made carpets in Abu Dhabi. These are exclusively designed to keep your place’s subfloor conditions, environmental challenges, and dimensions into account, hence are a seamlessly perfect fit.

Besides, they last a lot longer than regular floor coverings and provide several health benefits as well. Also, these are easier to care for, as compared to ready-made ones, due to high stain and fraying resistance. As for the design, you can bring us any images of your favorite carpets or simply talk to our experts about what kind of carpeting you wish to acquire.

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Our Reliable Carpet Installation Services At Low Rates

Our carpet fitting and fixing services will accentuate the entire beauty of your chosen ones and will also make them last longer. We offer these services for all kinds of subfloors and you can also get problematic floors treated and enhanced by us in no time.

The pricing of our carpet installation service is highly affordable and you can book it online for the most trouble-free experience. We also offer carpet fittings for staircases and outdoors.

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Trendsetting Carpet Options At Our Store. Explore These Today!

Loop Pile carpets

Loop Pile 

This carpet is the toughest and therefore most suitable option for busy households and high-traffic areas.

Cut Pile

Cut Pile 

This carpeting is excellent for keeping interiors insulated without using HVAC. Adding it helps reduce energy expenses.

Shag Style

Berber Floor 

This one is a great choice for homes with pets/kids because it can hide stains effectively.

Shag Style

Shag Style 

This plush and fluffy carpet offers warmth underfoot and is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and nurseries.

Classy Carpets Designs 2024

Jute Carpet

Jute Carpet

Red Carpet abu dhabi

Red Carpet

Round Carpet

Round Carpet

Runner Carpet

Runner Carpet

Sisal Carpet

Sisal Carpet

Stair carpets for hotel, Stair carpets for home

Stair Carpet

Glimpses Of Our Recent Carpeting Projects 

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Carpenter Abu Dhabi is a top-tier specialist in carpeting products and services and has been working in Abu Dhabi for many years.

Our luxurious and durable carpets are designed to make living spaces not just aesthetically attractive but also healthy and delightful to be in. All our carpets are available at pocket-friendly rates and you can shop for them online; we shall serve you in the comfort of your home.

24/7 Consultation Availability

Highly Eco-friendly Carpets

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How our premium carpets always receive appreciation.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

For this purpose, you’ll need to measure the width and the length of your desired room. Afterwards, multiply the two measurements together and the resultant figure will be the square footage of the room, which you can use to buy your carpets. Ensure precision while measuring.

Vacuum it regularly or you can also shake it gently at times to get rid of dust and dirt. Give the carpet a deep cleanup once in a while with a mild carpet shampoo or cleaner. Avoid walking with shoes on top of it and use doormats everywhere. Get the carpet cleaned by experts periodically.

Yes, layering soft floorings offers both aesthetic and functional benefits. It makes floors exceptionally comfortable and warm underfoot and also helps insulate the area. Besides, it provides many decor possibilities as you can mix and match different types of rugs and carpets.

Yes, we offer specialized hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and antifungal carpets for people with allergies and/or respiratory problems. These are free from all kinds of toxins and also improve air quality indoors. They are made of natural materials like bamboo, jute, and sisal.

The primary factor to take into account is the foot traffic received by the intended room. Get low pile carpeting for a busy area and vice versa. Next up, it’s necessary to consider atmospheric conditions or underlying problems such as ground moisture and get carpets accordingly.

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