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Carpenter Abu Dhabi brings you the latest collection of Office Furniture Abu Dhabi
for the ideal interior decor of your workspaces and power offices.
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Design Your Dream Bedroom Interiors With Our Furniture

Everyone desires to have a luxury bedroom with the perfectly coordinating pieces of Bedroom Furniture Abu Dhabi. Finding the perfect coordination of furniture pieces complementing each other can be a daunting task that’s why we at Carpentry Abu Dhabi brought all our exclusive collections together under one roof.

For our valued customers, we bring the perfect pieces of furniture, whether it’s big or small. Now you can shop everything from a bed with a stylish headboard to a small coffee table that also blends with your furniture of bedroom in UAE.

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We Provide Full Range Service

We Provide Full Range Service
bedroom furniture dubai uae
Bedroom Furniture Designs
Shop Bedroom Furniture Abu Dhabi
Bedroom Furniture Designs
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Bedroom Furniture Designs

Core Features Of Having Our Quality Furniture In Bedrooms

Improved Comfort

Versatile Designs

We provide furniture of modern, classic, and traditional styles to incorporate into your bedrooms.

Better Productivity

Damage Resistant

We provide furniture that offers excellent resistance against stains, scratches, and fadeness.


Material Choices

Our furniture is made from durable wood, glass, iron, plastic, and real or faux leather materials.

Presentable Decor

Long-lasting Solutions

Our high-performance furniture will sustain their look for ages, and continue beautifying your spaces.

Wide Range!

Our Made To Measure Bedroom Furniture Abu Dhabi

Whether you want to create a modern bedroom, a traditional serene sanctuary, or go with a fantasy theme, you are sure to find everything you need. But wait, if there is something unique and exceptional, you have been wanting for years, so now you have a great opportunity to design that bespoke piece.

As per your budget, style, and comfort, we can craft bedroom furniture items with a variety of resilient materials such as softwoods, hardwoods, and metals such as oak, mahogany, cherry, MDF, aluminum, and steel.

For your bedrooms, we have a huge assortment of durable and luxury furniture items. You can get tailor-made dressing tables, side tables, wardrobes, armchairs, headboards, beds, ottomans, chairs, nightstands, and bookcases.

Excellent Customer Care

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Why Select Us To Buy Bedroom Furniture in Abu Dhabi?

Carpenter Abu Dhabi is a pioneer working firm for designing innovative furniture pieces in Dubai. Excellence and quality is the hallmark of our brand, we never compromise on the furniture quality. Our professional team of craftsmen manufactures every piece with proper attention to detail to design every end with a sleek and fine finish. We have been working passionately for many years to completely transform your living room with our beautifully designed comfortable Bedroom Furniture.

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Carpenter Abu Dhabi is the top-rated furniture shop, known for providing premium-quality, luxurious and long-lasting furnishing essentials in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. We provide both ready-made and custom-made furniture items in unique styles for your workspace decors. Besides, all our furniture pieces are budget-friendly and will prove to be a value-for-money investment for your office interior and exterior decors.

Smart Work Surfaces and Storage Solutions
Adjustable, Modular, Space-saving Furniture
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Frequently Asked Questions

Well, it depends on the unique preferences of the buyer, space dimensions, and interior schemes. You can go for the farmhouse furniture style for a casual yet unique bedroom look. To give a modern touch, you can pick leather or wooden furniture, keeping the elements to a minimum.

At Carpenter Abu Dhabi, you will find every kind of furniture essential whether you want a modern or a vintage one. We provide luxury furniture elements with minimal wooden carvings and detailed intricate design details.

Yes! We provide customized furniture for bedroom embellishments to suit your style statement and existing interior schemes. We offer the customization of furniture in terms of materials, styles, sizes, shapes, colors, and finishes.

The four furniture essentials that every bedroom must have are a bed with side tables, a dresser with mirrors, a nightstand, and leather benches. Additionally, you can select bean bags and couches to create a unique style statement.

The accessories that are widely found in bedrooms are bedside tables, decorative blankets, lamps, mirrors, rugs, curtains, pillows, wall decorations, shelves, and storage boxes. You can also add, bean bags, couches, benches, and accent chairs.