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Carpenter Abu Dhabi brings you the latest collection of Office Furniture Abu Dhabi
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outdoor chair and table
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Are You Exploring Heavy Duty Furniture For Outdoor Places?

Carpenter Abu Dhabi offers you sustainable, heavy-duty, corrosion, and moisture-resistant furniture for your outdoor places. Our tailor-made and UV-resistant furniture embellishes your patios, poolsides, rooftops, decks, lawns, backyards, hotel, and restaurant outdoor spaces. We design our outdoor area furniture intending to provide maximum comfort, functionality, aesthetics, style, luxurious appeal, and stress reduction.

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Our Stylish Outdoor Furniture Collection 2024

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Stylish Outdoor Furniture
Stylish Outdoor Furniture Collection
Stylish Outdoor Furniture
Get Incredible Outdoor Furniture Abu Dhabi
Get Incredible Outdoor Furniture Abu Dhabi
Incredible Outdoor Furniture Abu Dhabi
Incredible Outdoor Furniture Abu Dhabi

Highlighted Advantages Of Our Modern Outdoor Furniture

Improved Comfort

Low Maintenance

Our ergonomic furniture contains the most comfortable upholstery treatments, keeping you restful during prolonged working and helping reduce fatigue.

Better Productivity

Built-In Storage

We also provide built-in storage options in our outdoor patio furniture such as build-in drawer, under-deck storage, and integrated cabinets.



To make your environment green and sustainable, we craft our furniture with renewable & non-toxic materials that ensure healthy benefits.

Presentable Decor

Aesthetic Value

For the decor of your outdoor places, we design furniture with endless materials, designs, textures, and styles to meet your expectations.

Perks & Pros

Offering Maximum Customization Options For Your Outdoor Furniture

For your absolute satisfaction, we have endless customization options for garden furniture frames, upholstery materials, sizes, styles, and designs. We always design our furniture frame and upholstery with weather, fade, and UV-resistant materials for adding long-lasting factors. Our expert team guides you in choosing tailor-made furniture items following the theme and design of your outdoor place.

We utilize durable and stylish upholstery materials to protect your furniture from harsh weather, sunlight, and water. You can choose olefin, polypropylene, acrylic, vinyl, or polyester for patio furniture upholstery.

You can choose Mahogany, Acacia, Pine, Teak, Oak, Cedar, Maple, and Walnut for resilient furniture framing. Besides wooden materials, you can also choose aluminum, rattan, wrought iron, stainless steel, resin wicker, plastic, and tempered glass.

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Carpenter Abu Dhabi is the top-ranked, UAE-based, online brand of outdoor furniture. We have been providing durable and tailor-made furniture for years. Our professional team ensures maximum customization in crafting outdoor or indoor temperatures. We provide free consultancy 24/7 for the maintenance of your living places. Besides craftsmanship and customer care, we also focus on making your outdoor patios, decks, or lawns comfortable and delightful.

We provide expert furniture assembling.
Professional maintenance & cleaning services.
Frame and upholstery repair services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Furniture that is designed with durable, rust, and water-resistant materials is highly suitable for outdoor places. Polyethylene, metal, hardwoods, and synthetic plastics are usually utilized in patios or lawns furniture manufacturing.

Teak, cedar, redwood, oak, cherry, maple, and eucalyptus are highly recommended woods for weather-resistant furniture. Our resin-wicker and synthetic wood-made furniture are the best options for outdoor weather.

Yes, of course, we offer endless options to customize furniture for your outdoor places. Our expert team asks about your outdoor patios, lawns, or balconies’ theme and color contrast for perfect personalization.

Carpenter Abu Dhabi, is the best supplier of furniture items for outdoor places in Abu Dhabi. We provide heavy-duty and weather-resistant furniture products with the maximum customization options at the lowest rates.

Yes, we have a proficient team for professional maintenance and repair of furniture items. We also provide services for upholstery repair, staining, and wood polishing at budget-friendly rates in Abu Dhabi and nearby cities.