Types Of Fabric For Sofa Upholstery

Types Of Fabric For Sofa Upholstery

A sofa is a prominent furniture item that can enhance the elegance of any indoor and outdoor place. You can ideally reflect your unique style and beautify your interiors with good upholstery choices. Carpenter Abu Dhabi will be taking you through a broad range of natural and synthetic fabric types for sofa upholstery. Moreover, we have also listed the unique features of all the fabric materials to enhance your understanding. 


Fabric Types For Sofa Upholstery

Primarily, there are two types of fabrics used in sofa upholstery Abu Dhabi – natural fabrics and synthetic fabrics. Linen, silk, cotton, wool, leather, and cotton blends are the naturally derived fabric options for sofa upholstery. While acetate, acrylic, nylon, microfiber, olefin, polyester, vinyl, and rayon are synthetic fabrics that can be utilized for furniture upholstery crafting. We have enlisted each type of natural and synthetic upholstery fabric in detail.

Natural Upholstery Fabric Options

  • Linen
  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Wool
  • Leather
  • Velvet
Sofa Upholstery Abu Dhabi


If you’re exploring the best upholstery material that is fade-resistant, linen is the best upholstery choice. Moreover, it also prevents your sofa surface from wrinkles and dust particles. However, if you have pets or kids in your place, you should avoid this type of fabric because it is prone to wear and tear. 


Cotton is another natural fabric choice for sofa upholstery that comes with maximum pilling, fading, and dust resistance. However, cotton fabric is naturally prone to fire and wrinkles. The porous nature of cotton makes it a breathable fabric that can provide plenty of warmth in winter. This fabric material is available in a variety of color contrasts that can easily complement your interior style and theme.


Silk is a versatile natural fabric that can be utilized for sofa upholstery in formal places such as living rooms or guest rooms. Its soft and luxurious nature provides unique comfort with attractive looks. You can also choose silk fabric for covering sofa cushions and couches. 



Wool is another popular natural fabric that is commonly used in the upholstery of furniture items. Wool fabric features all the desired properties such as fade, stain, and wrinkle resistance. In addition, this heavy-duty fabric also gives a soft and luxurious touch to your sofa. You can easily clean and maintain woolen upholstery due to its high resillence.


This natural upholstery material is commonly used for executive sofas due to its high durability. This material requires very easy cleaning and maintenance due to its slippery surface and high resistance. If you’re exploring a sofa upholstery material for high traffic areas, leather is an incredible option that can resist stains, spills, wear and tear.  


Velvet is another luxurious and colorful upholstery option for both residential or commercial sofas. This classy upholstery fabric comes in a broad range of colors to enhance your furniture style and room ambiance. You can choose this fabric material for low traffic areas such as guest rooms. 

Synthetic Upholstery Fabric Options

Besides natural fabrics options, a broad range of synthetic fabrics can also be utilized for sofa upholstery to enhance its comfort and elegance.  

  • Acetate
  • Acrylic
  • Nylon
  • Microfiber
  • Olefin
  • Polyester
  • Vinyl
  • Rayon
  • Chenille
Synthetic Upholstery Fabric Options
Synthetic Upholstery Fabric Options


Acetate is a common synthetic fabric that is used for household furniture upholstery. This fabric features maximum wrinkle, stains, and mildew resistance. However, this material can withstand dust and color fading to some extent. You can also choose this material for casual-style sofa upholstery.  


Acrylic fabric is the best option for designing both outdoor and indoor sofa upholstery. You should choose this fabric because it requires very low maintenance due to its high dust, water, and wear resistance. This useful fabric comes in a variety of colors.   


If you want to make your sofa upholstery extra durable and luxurious, utilize nylon fabric. This fabric material is popular due to its high strength and resilience. It’s the best option to choose for crafting the upholstery of commercially used sofas. This fabric can also be blended with other synthetic fibers to enhance its durability and performance. 


Microfiber is a widely used synthetic fabric for furniture upholstery. This fabric is commonly crafted with a blend of materials such as polyamide, polyester, acrylic, nylon, or modal etc. You can use this durable fabric material to enhance the stain, fade, and moisture resistance of your sofas.  


Olefin has always been a popular upholstery choice for both indoor and outdoor sofas due to its unique features. This material comes with superior weather, fade, and UV resistance. You can utilize this durable fabric material for long-term comfort.  


Another suitable material for covering your sofas is polyester. The paramount features of this material are fade, wrinkles, and stain resistance. Moreover, this unique fabric material requires easy cleaning and maintenance due to its scratch and dust resistance. 


Vinyl is an excellent alternative to leather due to its high resilience and low cost. To protect yourself from hard maintenance and cleaning practices, you can utilize this upholstery material for sofas because it requires low maintenance. 


If you feel cotton or linen are somewhat expensive to use, you can utilize rayon fabric. This synthetic fabric is the best alternative to cotton and linen due to its unique features such as stain and dust resistance. However, this fabric can get wrinkled due to its moisture-absorbing nature.


Chenille is another soft and luxurious upholstery choice for sofas. This fabric material provides maximum comfort due to its closed lopes and high density. In addition, you can also utilize this fabric material for sofas if you have pets and kids because it is highly resistant to stains and spills.


To sum up, there is a broad range of sofa upholstery fabrics available that can be used for multiple purposes and settings. While choosing any material, you should consider its comfort levels, maintenance and cleaning requirements, and dust and stains resistance. Carpenter Abu Dhabi has provided you with a wide list of both natural and synthetic fabrics for crafting the perfect sofa upholstery as per your specifications. 

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